Horseback Riding

A peaceful village where you can interact with horses and nature Urakawa Yushun Village AERU

AERU is located in the woods of Urakawa. It is the home of the Shunme horse, which is famous for being both fast and strong racehorses.
The horses glow with happiness in the vast acreage.
Since ancient times in Japan, horses have been loved as a symbol of good fortune.
At AERU, you can have a hands-on experience with horses, including horseback riding.
We will also bring you the happiness of breathing in the magnificent and gentle nature of Urakawa, and discovering its fascinating food.

How to Experience Horseback Riding

Riding a horse may seem difficult, but AERU’s horses are gentle and comfortable with people, making it easy for first-time riders to enjoy the experience.
The instructor will provide detailed instructions on everything from how to ride to how to use the reins, so feel confident about your horseback riding experience with us.
The flow of the program is detailed below.

The first step is to fit your gear.
Helmets, riding boots, body protectors, and all the other necessary riding gear are available for rent. You do not need to bring anything of your own.

The next step is to try touching a horse.
You may be nervous at first, but just by feeling their warm bodies and looking into their gentle eyes will help you connect with them and feel relaxed!

Finally, our staff will guide you how to ride step-by-step.
It may seem high up at first on a horse, but as you ride, you’ll become fascinated with the view from a different perspective!
After the final check by the instructor, it’s time to start the trek!

Urakawa Yushun Village AERU Riding menu for foreigners with interpreter

Beginner’s Course
Is this your first time? No worries! Our staff will support you throughout the program.
After practicing simple handling, we will take a stroll in the AERU grounds.
Riding Time
45 minutes
(excluding the time for filling out the registration form and fitting the riding gear)
Regular fee: 7,500 yen (Special fee for AERU hotel guests: 6,300 yen)
Interpretation fee : 3,500yen (per a group)
Interpretation will be provided during the filling out of the registration form, equipment fitting and riding lesson before the trek.
Summer season (April to November) 9:00-16:00
Winter season (December to March) 10:00 – 15:30
Please make a reservation at least one week in advance.
Must be 10 years old or older and 140cm (55 inches) tall or taller
500 yen rental fee (helmet, boots and other riding gear) *Free for AERU guests
Weight limit
Up to 75kg (165 lbs)
Important Notes
The course is subject to change due to weather, rider capability, snow accumulation, etc.

What else can you experience at AERU?

Pony Ride
Just like a pony ride, enjoy the slow walk on a horse!
At AERU’s assisted horseback riding, you can ride a horse with the assistance of a staff member, and the staff member pulls the horse along slowly.
Too nervous to try the horseback riding on your own? This may be a fun option for you to enjoy your first horseback riding experience. Enjoy the interaction with the horse!
Short course: 500 yen (for any age)
Long course: 1,500 yen (must be 10 years old or older)
Feeding Snack Carrots
Feeding horses is a fun and easy way to interact with them. You can feed fresh carrots to horses here at AERU!
1cup of carrots: 200 yen
JRA Hidaka Breeding Ranch Field Trip (reservation required)
This is a tour of the facilities at the Japan Racing Association’s Hidaka Breeding Ranch, which is not usually open to the public.
This tour is only available to guests staying at Urakawa Yushun Village AERU.

English interpreter fee: 5,000 yen (No fee if you do not need an interpreter.)
What is JRA Hidaka Breeding Ranch?
Hokkaido produces about 80 percent of Japan’s racehorses.
The JRA, Japan Racing Association, Hidaka Breeding Ranch is located in the town of Urakawa in the Hidaka region of Hokkaido, and has training and research facilities for racehorses in its vast premises.
It is a world-class facility, comparable to Newmarket in England and Chantilly in France, that aims to explore and promote the development of “strong horses”.
  • JRA ー Japan Racing Association:日本中央競馬会

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